Shadows not baking

I’m currently baking textures for a room im making. Im currently trying to bake the floor. When I render the full scene there are shadows on the floor under the table

When I bake the Floor to make an image texture and view it in materials view, it does not show the shadows on the floor. In the bake type I’m using a combined bake so shadows should be included… but its not

Here is my node setup before i bake. (this picture shows the emissions node highlighted here, ignore that, i know to select the above Image texture node and select the UV texture to make a proper bake)

After I bake the image I use the baked image through an emission node to the final material output and view it in materials view but no shadows show on the floor. What could I be doing wrong?

edit: nevermind. It’s late. Not sure. provide a packed image .blend.

Here is the blender file.

I have the Mapping node set into all other nodes. Please texture bake the floor and get the shadows to work.

EDIT: Found the issue, I have to use bake to selected

But do I have to select everything in the scene? Like lights for example and the walls?

EDIT: I tried baking everything to selected… That did not work the texture baked black.

eveyone please download the file