Shadows not working in the standalone for the Blender game engine

Well, the title pretty much sums it up, the shadows work in the internal game engine but when I run it in the standalone or save it as runtime, the shadows just disappear for some reason. Any ideas? I’d really appreciate any help, thanks.

do you have materials on everything?

even if it’s grey?

Thanks, good Sir, I did have materials on everything. I ended up just restarting my PC and now it works… Who’d have thought xD
Thanks again, mate.

If you’re talking about the Sun & Spot Lamp’s Buffer Shadows, then I have good news. I did a quick test with Blender 2.71 on Windows 7 64 and it works. By any chance are there objects in the scene that have no material? Because this will give problems in the Standalone. Here’s a blend you can test with:

Edit: Removing upload as it is solved.