Shadows not working when rendering with gpu

When rendering with cycles on the gpu some shadows dont show

When rendering on cpu the shadows show as they are supposed
I dont know why this happenes and any help is appreciated

could you give more info, like What blender version do you use? are you using Optix or CUDA? What is your GPU? Also what material is not casting that shadow?

i use blender 2.82 and for gpu I use a radeon rx 5700. The material is a combination of a tranlucency and a principled bsdf node, and a basic bark material. I guess it is not the material because some of the trees have shadows (the roof), but every shadow from the trees stop beneath the straight line on the house.
If you wish I could try to share the blender file.

after some testing i found out that it was the fog that caused the glitch, and everything is fine if i remove it, guess I’ll add it in post