Shadows on textures with bumps/displacement

Good evening…

Pardon me the question as I am a new user to blender…tried a little 2.79 but switched to 2.80 as it seems more user friendly to me (o;

Anyway…my simple question…when I use a texture which also shows bumps to simulate the materials behaviour (like a rough surface)…when an object casts a shadow onto it…the shadow is always straight and sharp…and never follow the textures surface…

Is this a general limitation of 3d rendering or does the mesh of the texture has to be modified to reflect the height variations of the texture?

Any pointers would be helpful…couldn’t find anything on cgcookie…well…still time to unsubscribe as I haven’t found any materials covering blender 2.80 intros (o;

it’s in effect a general issue with bump maps being too strong, you should lower the height and its strength of influence.
It can also due to a too abrupt and contrasted image, enlarging it in a image editor and blurring it a bit can solve, specially if after that you resave in a 16 or 32 bit image.

And this would solve the problem of flat shadows on textures?

I just recently bought the materialiq library as it features also the nice dynamic water material which simulates wate rmovements…but no one of the textures shows any uneven shadows on materials whcih are not flat…

Read some old 2.79 desription where this would need displacment modifiers?

Not sure to understand.
Maybe better you post some image, I was referring to harsh and sharp shadows where they rather should be smooth.

Can’t be solved in Blender Cycles.
I’m guessing you mean tricks like this:

You can use displacement instead of bump. Also use a subdiv for fynamic tesselation.

Yes exactly an effect like this I meant…