Shadows on transparent background?


I have been working on making some graphics for a RTS, but am having trouble with the shadows for the units. I cannot figure out how to have the the shadows, while maintaining the transparency.

Could someone please help me with this? It would seem as if it should be simple, but I have racked my brain on this problem for a while now, and I cannot find any help on the message boards.



Try hitting the “TraShadow” button in the material Buttons. That makes your shadows become more transparent as you lower the level of alpha. If you want ONLY shadow, hit the “OnlyShadow” button under the “Mirror Transp” buttons.


Add a ground plane and set it to “OnlyShadow” in the materials

Thanks! That works great!

I can hardly believe that I had missed that “OnlyShadow” button! I suppose that it is a little out of place.

Once again, Thanks!