Shadows with Transparency


I have 2 spheres. The inner sphere (which is smaller) lies in the center of the outer sphere. The outer sphere has a transparancy value, the inner not.

Both objects shall cast shadow. The result should be a shadow-circle, where the outer regions are somehow gray caused by the transparency of the outer sphere and the inner regions black due to the inner not-transparent sphere.

I tried a lot. But I didn’t get it.

What I want to simulate with this is a “half-shadow”. A halfshadow is caused by a 2-dimensional lightsource. It’s the areas of the shadow where the shadow-casting object only partly obscures the light source.

Thanx for help,

My guess you have to use one sphere and two light sources. One light source above the sphere. Other light source also above the sphere but further away along the same vertical axis.

Attach is the blend file. Do a render and see if that’s what you want.


shadow.blend (194 KB)

Have you tried enabling “TraShadow” on the object receiving the shadows?