Shadows Without Rayshadow

Do I really need to use Rayshadows to get a shadow? I’m using Area Lights to light up an interior, but the Rayshadows are making render times go Kaboom!

Is there a way to get shadows without RayShadows?


Can you get by with spot lights instead? If so, you can use buf shadows - much faster.

Best of Luck!

More info here

Quite faster yes, not the same effect but i can manage if i change some settings.



Anythime - also , check this out!

most of the time you can fake shadows completely - one easy way is to make a textured light (aka decal etc etc) and project that texture (that looks like what you want the shadow to look like) onto the surface you want to show the shadow. Sometimes you need to use mix, sometimes add, sometimes make the projection negative, it takes a little playing but you can really speed things up this way. To make your shadow image try just rendering with render material set to some dull grey and take that render image and blur it way up and there you go, all you need to do is put it and the plane its projecting on into there own layer and have that light effect objects in that layer only.