(snailrose) #1

Hey all…this pic brings back some of the LSD trips that I can thankfully say are over…if you haven’t tried it, stay away…paranoia sucks
This pic cannot fully describe it…I think there was a post going on about bringing dreams into reality…well to me it was a dream or just like it…
Anyway let me know what you think :smiley:


(LohnS) #2

WOW, man i love your works, they seem to have a lot of character and emotion, i want more, i’m addicted! =D

(blengine) #3

whoa weird! lovely pic…photoshop flare down the center? :wink:

(snailrose) #4

photoshop flare down the center?

hell yeah photoshop rocks!!!, now that i know a little more about it.

(CurtisS) #5

You can’t beat Blender and Photoshop together!

Really cool image!!!

(kaktuswasse) #6

you can: with gimp and blender :smiley:

Yep,the pic is coool

(scrappy) #7

sweet pic, i like all of your work, photoshop & blender great combo :smiley: