I know that there is a way to make shadows with Monster’s script, but is there a way to make them with GLSL, or any other way.


I think that if there was a way, It’d be all over the place. There is also render baking (I think) for still shadows.

Good point. I’ll try render baking again.

just out of curiosity, why does everyone want shadows so badly? why not focus on gameplay and so on?

Shadows give more depth to the scene and make it more realistic.

there are 2 ways to bake vertex shading too…

the first is automatic when you press V to enable vertex paint mode, the second is when you are in vertex paint mode, click on “paint” in the menu and under scripts there is a bake self shadow AO, so you can bake ambient occlusion.(for best results , flood fill your model with white vertex paint first)

You guys should try to do the shadow with vertex first, big shadow map textures really suck up the performance.
Lots of cases the vertex shadows look just fine.