Ok i have my shadows working in the 3d view, but when i start the game the shadows all dissapear tried to fix the problem , but now im at a dead end , any help would be appreciated.

You have to enable GLSL material settings, in game menu somewhere.

Press N, in the display panel, on the shading button, select GLSL in the drop down menu.

I have already done that , still no change

In some cases, you may need to add a spotlight…
Is it possible for you to show a SS or send the .blend file?

For some reason it keeps saying failed when i try to upload lol

Post a screen shot. I’ll try and help you from there.

In 3D view


Is the tree’s shadow fake? Like did you make the shadow with a mesh or it cast by a light?

Its done useing the sun lamp, ive ticked shadow on, ive also change the clipping and frustum size to make sure it reaches the ground.

Are there any other lamps? Or maybe try and use a spot lamp instead?

there are no other lamps right now, and when i use spot light i reiceive now shadows in either 3D view yr game view.

could you type that again please?

There’s no other lamps, and the spot lamp dosn’t cast shadows at all (also dosnt light my game enough).

I really need to see your blend file. Can’t you upload it to here? Just make it an attachment…

i tried, in the same way i did the pictures, but it says failed, there is a programme u could try called teamviewer it alows you to see my screen ?

EDIT: Upload it on

EDIT AGAIN: Click the blend file on the side, and then upload it from there…

Won’t work on there either

Ok… What are you doing… so that it doesn’t work…?
Because if it’s a blend file, it should work… Even my files work, and if my files work, then it should work…

private message me yr email address i will just email it to you.

I don’t just give out my email address… just for safety reasons… sorry…

I just don’t understand how you can’t post a blend file… it really isn’t that hard…