Shadowsize for Meshlights ?


Is there a way to define a Shadowsize for Meshlights ?
In Lightobjects you can smooth the shadows by increasing the Shadowsize, but how can I do that with Meshlights ?

Other question:
Is it possible to make Lightobjects invisible for Glossy and Reflectionrays ?

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Change the size of the mesh

i think you misunderstood the size parameter of lights. There is no such thing as a shadowsize. Cycles, as opposed to blender internal for example, does not support light coming from a single point in space. So what it needs to do when using build in light types is to generate some kind of geometry with a defined size > 0. I guess it’s some kind of implicit sphere in most cases (except for the area light obviously).
So what the size parameter in fact controls is either the radius or the diameter of the light source.

So now recreating the same effect with mesh lights is obvious, as richard marklew pointed out, changing the size of the mesh.

edit hmm doesn’t seem to work with nodes o.O

Thank you guys.
Changing the Meshsize did work for me.

I’m still abit confused about Meshlights and Lightobjects.

Some people say using Meshlight produces less noise.
But in my tests Lightobjects are always mutch cleaner.

What’s true ?

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