Shadowy bumps on my model?

Hello everyone. I’ve been in the process of modeling some joycons for a while now, and while I’ve made a good amount of progress, I always find myself back to a certain problem involving the body of the joycon.

I’m looking to get rid of the shadow-like bumps and creases under the Z button, however I can’t seem to find the exact problem. I have a feeling it has something to do with my messy topology, as shown here:

(Front of the model for reference)

Ideally I’m aiming to have the gap on the back be as flat as possible, like the front of the model, but the shadow-like bumps and creases only get worse whenever I try and scale it in. I’ve already tried dissolving some edge loops, but in some cases it either made things worse, or deformed the extended hold for the Z button. Is there any way I could potentially clean this up, or would it be more efficient to make it from scratch? Thanks in advance.

did you apply rot and scale to the model
did u use the Smooth or Edge smooth angle to get smoother look ?

may be upload file so we can check it out

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Rot and Scale should be applied as far as I know, and I’m not sure what you mean by edge smooth angle. Here’s the file: JoyCons.blend (723.3 KB) (edited to pack my reference image)

see mesh tab
and add smooth angle

but you do have subsurf level 3
and still some weird topology
you need to add some crease on some edges to correct the bumpy parts

so you have to decide what the final shape has to be

hope it helps
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look at this part is that normal topo or a mistake ?

the right corner is all screwed up
is it normal or what you want ?

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If possible that’s around what I’d want, it matches the shape of that part of the joycon imo. There are a few areas with 1-2 ngons (which turn into tris if I delete a certain edge I believe)

Subsurf level 3 is on there for view, I never intended to put lvl 3 for render at this current moment in time. The weird topology is due to the shape of the joycon’s z button hold and a little too many loop cuts (as shown by the reference image if it’s packed in there) I’ll check out the smooth angles right now

I began new base model with smoother topo
but did not yet add the subsurf
not certain it is necessary at this stage and there are some tris in there

have a look and keep going

JoyCons2.blend (718.9 KB)

you could also add solidify and apply it to get tickness

you could make the bump part a top as another object then use Boolean to join it to main body!

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