shake key

i actually have lost my Shake software key number/code. Where should i send e-mail to get the key again. Any ideas ?
anyone have had a software key lost and same trouble ?

woah, shake… cool software I hear :slight_smile:
have you tried calling apple support?

i think i found the right number to call to, anyways its a nice software…

yep. it’s on my wishlist of things to get :slight_smile:
right after the adobe production studio

I dont like After Effects anymore, I got more used to Shake.
Shakes tracking is very good for one thing too, and to mention
the painting tools are good, but i am biased since I got more
used to it.

Still no password, and disslike ing AE at the moment. :(:(:frowning:

Got to try another solution :slight_smile:

Shake running again, YEAH :slight_smile: well i am happy
and it was the older solution, phonecall…

Apple Shake is being discontinued, so if your looking for a new compositing app I wouldn’t go with Shake at this moment. You cant always try Blenders own compositing features. If thats not powerfull enough for you Nuke (the Foundry) or Digital Fusion should do the trick, these 2 apps are on par with Apple Shake.

Apple discontinues Shake <-- link to article

Got to read the article.

I am guessing Apple Shake has lot of what program has to have for compositing these days
but applications Nuke and Digital Fusion bring more 3D side to the compositing and effects,
maybe particles or such too. Nuke and Fusion, very expensive. Thanx for info, now to read the article…

My recommendation for an alternative to Shake was more directed to AMDBCG as he showed an interrest in getiing Shake. You cant buy Shake anymore in the Apple Store, so its really not a question anymore over what benefits Shake has over other compositing apps

If you already have a Shake license its a different matter of course, you still be able to use it for a while but the support from Apple will end eventually.