Shakedown's Sketchbook


Been having so much fun checking other peoples sketchbooks that I decided to join in. I have nothing in particular that I am working on…only sculpting to improve. I’ll use this first post to update my sketchbook’s icon.


I have been concentrating a lot on anatomy lately but I wanted to just have some fun and sculpt stylised character busts with no restrictions. Here is my first attempt. Must say I am loving concentrating more on the character rather than anatomy for now…:slight_smile: I am likely to do more of these since they are quick and fun to do. I would love some crits since I have never really done any stylised stuff…so still finding my feet.

Love this stylized approach! The same principle goes for my own work, its just so relaxing and fun actually to see a character evolve from your strokes without thinking much about it really, which always seems to give more interesting results than when you limit yourself narrow creative boundaries.
I really like the overall sculpted form, but I think
proportions and expression could be altered a bit
To make certain features pop more. Just add a lattice, add some more divisons and pull it around until you got a pleasing result.
Keep it up, you certainly got some serious style in your work.

@suboptimal Thanks for the great feedback. Will try push things even further in future!

Here is another one i’m working on. Will see where I end up with them. Want to do a few to see if I find a common denominator and then work on finishing them one at a time. For now still just having fun with them!

Another quick portrait!


These are nice! I like the stern look of the first two. I think if you add detail to the third one, he will be pretty awesome looking.

Makes me miss my Wacom pen! (Going to have to get a new one soon!)

@Scotchtapework … Thanks… I also like the look of the third one…will definitely refine it later.
@gradyp … Cant imagine life without my Wacom…:slight_smile:

Another quick study…was imagining he could have been a boxer?

Here is an updated version of post #5. Just playing around with an idea.

Another small update on this character.

Pajamas nice! I like the other new one you posted in 8 as well. I think what I like about your sculpts are the strong angles which do a good job of showing the bone and muscle structure.