Shaking Game Objects...

Hey, I’ve been having a problem with certain games lately. It seems like the closer you are to the center of the level the smoother things move. But, the further you get from the center of the level, especially at big distances, things start to shake pretty badly. I don’t understand what’s going on. If anyone else has encountered this problem and knows of a solution for it I’d love to hear it. Thank you in advance. :).

accuracy issues. make sure everything is modeled in real life scale, with 1 blender unit being 1 meter. anything bigger then 16 km is not advised.

You always should have the focus near the scenes origin. As Daedalus_MDW mentioned the precision is highest near the origin, while it decreases with the distance. There is still quite a large area without problems. Typically the noticeable issues occur when thousands of BU away from center.

Important note: The build-in physics engine (Bullet) uses less precision than the BGE. This means precision issues with physics might take place earlier than with other aspects of the game engine (e.g. animation system).

Similar things happen with render. The sorting is much more precise near the camera (at near clipping plane) than at the end of the camera frustum (far clipping range). This can result in render errors starting at a certain distance.