Shaky Coding?

(EnderRender) #1

I’m not gonna talk about SideXffects right now. Why do people say that my site has shaky coding? I know there’s no content or stuff in my site but as I said at the past I am going to get HostRocket first then upload my community and content.

(acasto) #2

lol… :smiley: … Kib could ban you if you don’t watch it

(blengine) #3

“people” as in me? hehe…ill tell u why i said u have shaky basic coding, as i already told u in the pms… your page is chaotic… viewing that page made my body tense up becuase its unorganinazed, basic html with no smooth style, and no web design… its cluttered yet has too much open space, and the ads are unprofessional, and u even told me u stole some design from another site…

for someone who wants people to respect them, belive in their work, and donate money to help u work, you are not creating a good image for yourself by creating a third rate site to show off your ads and a screenshot of something so obviously cut+paste in ms paint… this is harsh only because if u want to make somehting of yourself, make someting of what u do first… practice html, 3d, and real life programming before u ask people u dont know and who dont know u for money…

basic, shaky, x10

(EnderRender) #4

I keep saying that I am going to get HostRocket first then upload all that stuff. That is why it’s so disorganized, chaotic, and no content. I keep saying it but it looks like I’m talking to a broken record. The only thing I’m worried about is the smooth part. What do you mean by not smooth style?

And you people didn’t listen to me. I said that if I were you I would just do that affilate thing not donate money. And I asked you only once to donate money that’s all. I’m not asking to donate money right now because this post will be locked.

That is not copy and paste I’ll proove it

(haunt_house) #5

They only want to discourage you…
Don´t listen to them!

And for your page…
your page shouts out: I was made with Frontpage Express 2 and a MS Paint substitute and no demanding attitude. Take a deep look at your ‘menuTOP.gif’. I don´t care about stuff you will upload in the future. This page represents YOUR STYLE AND YOUR WORK AND YOUR CAPABILITY AND YOUR RELIABILITY at the moment. No one is interested in promises. So if you want to surprise us, make something impressive and upload it quickly (your own work, please).

respect is something to be earned and cultivated.

Some people say, the first impression is the deepest and most important

As long as you go on this way, I wait for you to reveal who you really are.
This behaviour cannot be real.


(blengine) #6

nah haunt house, i dont want to discourage, i dont give a shit what he does, how he does it, or what he will do in the future…
maybe he will suprise us, i dont know, i dont care… i couldnt care less…
the way hes representing himself now does seem fake, once again… i dont care… im tellin him what i think that could be helpful in make a better second impression because his first was unprofessional… x10, u shoulda waited till u moved hosts and had everything running before informing the community about your plans so we took u seriously…cause right now, none of us do, and thats your fault… it will be hard to fix that…

(ZoltarX) #7

I suppose the old saying is relevant. “Don’t Feed The Trolls!!!” - but it’s so hard not to in this case.

This guy is just “pulling our legs”, or “yanking our chains”. His profile says one of his interests is “making fun of people” or something.

X10/Skyracer/Demonracer. Its fun to have you around so go easy and don’t get yourself banned! Its clear you have a great deal to offer the 3D Graphics community yet! :smiley:


(acasto) #8

lol…this is too much… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(EnderRender) #9

First, I’m a kid what would you expect me to do I’m not that patient. I know that weirdhat is two but his genes are not my business. Second, don’t think I have acomplished a lot for my age. Third, I am not asking your forgiveness and then support me and all sudently be my friend. My modow is a friend supports someone through thin and thick. I know this is just the internet but why do you think someone turns to the internet for realationship and friends. I’m not saying that I don’t have friends I have a lot of friends and good friends. I haven’t spoken to them since your attempts to discourage me. You all think I can’t do it and I can sacrafise a year or two from my childhood to proove you wrong. All my friends are worried about me I’m spendind all my time in the computer. I don’t even remeber the last time I went to the movie with them or stuff like. Again, your attempts to discourage me have never discouraged me. I know someone is going to discourage me a lot f people but I take it as a compliment of their jealousy because they never had a good childhood. Again your attemps always failed and will fail again. Your attempts wont make me not finsih my website or SideXffects. When I’m finished with my two big goals I will return again to my old life. In conclusion, you are with me or against me.

(acasto) #10

lol…this is tooooo much… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m just used to seeing people argue over evolution/relgion or windows/linux…

(haunt_house) #11

letting poor little trolls starve and die?


have a heart

didn´t hitler say something like that?
poor poland

(EnderRender) #12

That last post was the final insult that I’m goint to read in this site. The stress is too much for one person. In real life no one belives in what I’m going to do just because I’m a kid. People including my family, friends, and teachers don’t belive me they act weird they say they support me when they think I’m not going to do it. This is the last day I’m going to visit And in a few years I might come back with a very popular site and SideXffects. Nothing is worth having this much mistrust. I am going to return to my old life. If you don’t care that I’m leaving I don’t care about you. If you care that I’m leaving I don’t care.

An insult is always an insult.

(blengine) #13

u obviously DO care about others support and opinion this much that u get stressed and angry and defensive over it, its clear u dont support or belive in yerself…

why do u care what others think of you? why is our opinion meaning so much to you that u are getting defensive and keep writing and writing these posts and trying to arouse sympathy by saying your leaving…dont try and say your not cause u are, or u wouldnt have told us and just left…

dude i dont care what u do, but i would love to see u come back after u succeed in your goals

in real life, you should believe in yourself and not care what others think! succed in your damn goals! f*ck everyone else! if u succeed, it shouldnt be as revenge for those who dont support you, it should be only for self victory and progression…

your bent on succeeding in revenge, and that will lead to failure

when will people start trusting in themselves and not striving to gain others support? hmm? why do people try to prove themselves to others knowing they wont support them then get all pissy and depressed when they dont? start beleiving in yourselves and succeeding for yourself, cause its only life, dont be so negative… if u succeed for others, your failing yourself

(Free Mars) #14

Your site is just #[email protected]# awful. You have no sense of design or how the page should flow. Then you add a million links to stuff that doesn’t currently exist without explaining it to anyone. Such childish graphics would be OK for a kids site. How can you claim to be about small business if all you are doing is begging for money?

Also reverse engineering someone elses software and attempting to rebuild it as your own is criminal. You would be stealing someone elses property and trying to sell it as your own basically amounts to theft. Also even if your made up software was given away for free it would still be criminal because you would be robbing Maxon of their rightful revenue by giving away copies of their product.

Why shouldn’t people treat you like a little kid? You sure act like one.