Shamanistic pendant

This is a pendant I’m working on for the fellow featured in my focused critique (see sig.) Thought I’d practice with a still-life thing. I posted this image a long time ago in the WIP forum, looking for advice on the rocks. The edges, where they meet the sand, just don’t look right.

I intend to put some beach grass and a few drops of blood (ooh, drama;) ) into the scene to finish it off, perhaps a few pebbles.

The image is rendered with yafray and blender’s AO. Everything is UV-mapped.


Yeah, the edges are too sharp. You’ve got a jagged beach rock (unlikely) sticking out of flat (also unlikely) sand. So it looks…unlikely. Beach rocks are smoother, weathered by the wind and waves. Sand blows around, it’s almost like a liquid with waves, buildup in the lee of the rock, anything but flat.

Beaches tend to be either sandy or rocky. If you’ve got a rocky beach, the sand collects between the rocks, but the rocks sort of anchor the landscape. They aren’t just scattered on top of the sand. Unless, of course, they were placed there in some sort of occult pattern…

absolutely right…hmmm, good perspective: rather than changing the image, change the subject. The idea of a pattern of rocks didn’t occur to me. I’ll ponder that, tho it risks loosing focus on the pendant.

Here are some images of what I’m after. THESE ARE PHOTOS!