Shameless Artwork Plug

(SKPjason) #1

Just wanted to post this link to some work I posted on a temp site.

I added a few new pics today. It’s mainly color and light studies using terrains and spaceships…

Be happy

Jason Saville
Auburn, New York Good Ol’ USA


(@ce) #2

I love those pictures man…you did the model urself?

(SKPjason) #3

The spaceship pod model was done in about 20 minutes. It’s amazing what textures can accomplish! :wink:

The larger space station model took about 24 hours of modeling and tweaking and texturing and lighting and tweaking, and tweaking, and tweaking… You can’t tell from these first batch of pics - but I also did some basic interiors in a few segments where there windows - one of the shots I’m doing involves the use of alpha-layered character animation behind the windows - to create a better sense of scale…

Jason Saville
Auburn, New York USA

(Timothy) #4

Looking pretty nice,

Some comments though:

The reflections on the shape ship windows look a bit funny,… are they refletions or textures?

Anyways I would definately add some highlights to them.

I wonder how did you do the grass in the background of this pic:

Greets Kib_Tph

(SKPjason) #5

The ship reflections were made by applying an envmap made of the same cloudscape (terragen) I thought the same about a highlight and actually did one in a update pic I haven’t posted.

The grass in the other pic you mentioned was done with that great grass script for Blender. The landscape was done in Terragen, imported into Blender with Ter2Blend - originally I used the forester2blend script to place grass meshes throughout the pic - but I didn’t like the effect - it was going to require too much tweaking to get the right “fullness” effect (though forester2blend is still a great script - and works well with things like trees, telephone poles, rocks, etc.). So I ended up doing the grass with grass generator and placing on landscape mesh. I had to tweak the spotlight a bit in order to get the proper shadows (fine details).