Shameless Gentoo spam

Well i have cow and Gentoo. Why not combine those?

:smiley: This is rich! :smiley:

(Does Chick-fi-a* know about you?)

  • = the name of a chicken restauraunt chain in the US whose advertising gimmick features black-and-white cows who, with a bad sense of spelling, exhort people to “Eat Mor Chikin.”

The G could be better colored. Otherwise, very very nice. Great way to convey the hardship larry is going through.

Submit these to for their art section!!!

Great modeling and texturing!

PS. Make a larger res version of the second to last one, great composition, I want a BG!!

very funny pics! the 3rd on is the the first 2 pics the right cows leg bends strange.
good work!

I wanna see an animation of this :smiley:

LARRY?! “he”… has… an udder… Is that normal?

Larry the Cow is the gentoo mascot…not sure why her name is larry…

Very nice. Love the potbelly. :slight_smile:

Like Dittohead said, awesome texturing. Contrarily, I love the ‘G’ texture.

Thanks folks

I didn’t save those poses, but is this close enough Dittohead?

Excellent !

Animations required ! :smiley: :smiley:


That’s really really really cool!!!

very cool! :smiley: I wanna see an animation of it!

Great render and wallpaper! :smiley: I’m sure this will be a hit with gentoo users.

Great work! :smiley:

Absolutely cool! No crits - if I would run Gentoo, this would be my desktop. Wait, that’s a good reason to switch to Gentoo, isn’t it? :smiley:

really nice, but you should increase the AO samples because there is still too much noise.

Yep, sure is here anyways.

G Definitely looks better in the later image.

Good stuff.

Wow… great job!

From a Gentoo’er, Cool :wink: .

From another gentooer: Dude, that is sooooo awesome!!!

You need to post this image in the gentoo forums lickedy-split!

By the way…From what Ive gathered from the gentoo forums, Larry the Cow is supposedly a bull, however according to the english dictionary “Cow” is also a valid generic term for either a cow or a bull.

On the other hand, there exists the belief among some of the gentoo community that Larry had a sex change some time ago, and went from bull to cow. Oh yeah, and if I recall correctly, his name is now pronounced Lay-ree. :smiley:

If you wanna really twist the genderbending even more, I would suggest: Keep the udder, but give him a hairy chest. :smiley: