Shameless Gentoo spam

(Gabio) #21

bouwia!!! Gentoo rulez!!!

This is definately my desktop of the week.
You should consider sending it to
I like the 2 last one the most.

(rixtr66) #22

heh,excellent work :o very comical


(Poju) #23

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Here is one with full osa and AO-sample

(rndrdbrian) #24

Nice work Poju!



(Teqno) #25

hahaha i love it!!! send it too gentoo!

(Union S8) #26

The cow poses are veutiful and well done! It’s obvious, the letter is very heavy!

(Poju) #27

Here is one big for u

(Q-tip72) #28

Its good, funny. I bet it was weird to do the utter.

(womball) #29

That’s amazing! I want to see some animations! THat character is built for great animation! He has tons of expression. The picture is still kind of noisy though. I do think you sold me on Gentoo. I may setup a linux computer as a rendering computer.

Yeah I bumped, this, but its really good!

(Wolf) #30

Hahha, sick! I love the cow!

The expressions are vey funny :smiley:

Cool idea, and yes, an animation would be lovely!

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