Shameless Plug

My wife just sold her first book.

It is a futuristic action adventure due out in April 2005. She has started working on the second book and it looks like it will end up being a 7-part series. It looks like the title and series name is set, but I need to wait until closer to the publication date. Her editor is excited and has suggested picking up an agent to look at screen rights.

If it is ok, (not wanting to spam or promote businesses) I’ll post information when the date gets closer. I’m really curious to see the cover art.

Cool stuff. Congrats to her.


I’m also working on a book! Congrats on getting published and good luck with the screen rights!



Congrats to your wife :smiley: My brother is also writing a book.

If you post the release date, title and author (ie your wife)
ill buy the book. i love futuristic adventures. right now im reading a book called “This Alien Shore” by C.S. Friedman.

Yea I’ll deffently look into getting a copy to :smiley:

congrats! :smiley:

yeah post a name and all this stuff and i will…downloada copy off the net…Naaaaaaa just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck with all that. sounds like harry potter (well 7 part series, screen rights, thats about as similar ;p)


Hey, thanks a lot for the replies everyone. I was a little anxious about posting. It’s fun to brag but I didn’t want to go waaaay off-topic. The title is set as “Justice Incarnate” by Regan Black due out in April 2005. The series title is “Shadows of Justice” (that’s about 95% set). She is working on the author bio and photos now. The latest idea is a photo using a 2-300 year old tombstone in one of the cemetaries in Charleston, SC.

The technical description is “futuristic, paranormal, action adventure with romantic elements”. My description is think Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but you don’t have 1/2 the characters as demons. Most of it takes place in Chicago in 2096. It isn’t overboard on sci-fi. One hook is that tobacco, sugar, and caffeine have been banned, so there is a lot of smuggling and corruption.

Cool, yea congrats. My dad is a writer too. He has published about 18 books. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha! :smiley:
you are going to discorage the other writers on elysiun! :<


Sounds neat! Ill have to pick up a copy when it comes out.

IMHO it’s OK to plug her book, as long as you’re honest about it being a plug. I only checked this thread because of the title. I figured “If he’s being honest about it it deserves a look”

Of course moderators may disagree, but the off topic forum is kind of “anything goes”


PS tell her congrats!

I wonder what reaction I’ll get if I said I’m writing a book

I wonder what reaction I’ll get if I said I’m writing a book

OMG LOL --> AL_Capone is wirting a b00k muhahahahahha

/had to be done

Nah man, I m a true bookophile (is that even a word?) and as long as it is good, I will like it (-;

runs to his corner and hides


Yup, that’s the reaction I would of expect, bookophile is that a take off from pedophile ? bookworm would be a good choice of words