Shampoo bottle 3D model

Can somebody help me with the modeling of the shampoo bottle from attached file ? I need it ASAP (as soon as possible). I need to model the details from the top (that hook).
The .ZIP file contains photos for reference, the blend file and a 2D sketch.
Thank you in advance.


shampoo (595 KB)

you just want a model right? no texture,s or render,s !!!

Yes, just the modeling stage.

great i can do it within a day,
if you dont mind , what are you going to use it for? :slight_smile:

I have a client who needs some renders for this product, but with a different labels, so i have to model and render that thing from different angles. I have attached what i already modeled, but unfortunatelly i found hard to model that hook, the top of the bottle.

cool man :slight_smile:

Thank you!

hi so
i try,d working on your shampoo bottle, today and it was hard, the ref photo,s aren’t enough , so it might take a little longer than i expected to take :slight_smile: sorry

Interesting challenge :slight_smile: Yes, this needs better reference photos or access to the object. A tip is to make a “quick” sketch with the sculpt tools and then re-topo clean topology on top of that. That is how I would solved it anyway. HB!

Fora label exposition this should be enough sync i’m doing similar stoof for clients

Thank you very much Kintaro!