Being a newb, here is my most recent creation. A glass shamrock. To make it, I used the “Heart” tutorial on Blendernation. Duplicated it a couple of time and added the pedastal stem. It was just a mini challenge my wife gave me to do, but it was fun. Took maybe an hour with my skills and tinkering, but who cares if you have time too kill. But gotta go and do more before she wakes up. She says I spend too much time on Blender and that its a waste of time. Sheah, AS IF! Also, 1 quick question. I am unable to view attachments. Is there a plugin for it or what?


Wow, I left everybody speechless :wink:

Would look better if you toned down the yellow and made the shamrock smoother & combined the pieces into one mesh.

i like the special “low poly” effect! Howd u do that? 8) just joking

yeah u need a plugin to view most of those blender inforumpost images. think it was java , but dont take me for granted…