Shane Newville's - Little Ninja Project

It feels good to call it done. This was a great learning experience for me.
I used a handful of different software but Blender was the center piece.

Check it out:


You can read up a little on the WIP thread if you feel the need:

And also:

Blender: for modeling, rigging, animation and rendering (seperate layers as png image sequences)
Photoshop & ImageReady: used for editing individual frames when needed.
Particle Illusion: for dust, sparks and all sorts of the particle junklets
Director: for compositing all of them layers together
CoolEdit Pro 2: For audio/sound FX editing
FL Studio: for creating the music
Adobe Premier: color correction, mixing/syncing video, sound fx and music into the final product.

Wow - I like it a lot. Great camera and choreography. Two thumbs up!

That was awesome! Even though it was unusually low poly, it worked great, the animation made up for it. I liked the bunny animation the best. I just wish you hadn’t ended it like it was.

Good work, Ghost_Train!

really nice animation. congrats on finishing it.

that was sweet, good job

Thanks for the compliments everybody.

You and me both N00bhaxor. I was just working on it for way too long. There were so many more things I wanted to add but at that pace it wouldn’t have been finished till mid 2012 and I probably still wouldn’t have been happy with the outcome. Time to move on before I get burned out and need to be hospitalized. I’m definitely looking into new ways of doing things to tell stories closer to how I pre visualize them. That is the ultimate goal though…to get to the point in life where I can imagine something and make it happen exactly, if not better than my initial vision of it all. It’s like training the physical body to mimic the mind. hehe. Putting it that way kind of sounds creepy.

Nice!! It would seem to me that you know something about not letting the model quality over shoot the animation quality, but in my humble opinion you had absolutely nothing to worry about, great animation, and you ended up with a great style on the modeling too! (yeah, I may have just put words in your mouth… sorry if I did.) I remember seeing this briefly in the modeling stage, but this turned out great!



That was really awesome - you worked the slow motion so well - good luck with your next project - really impressed! -

Awesome, animation was great and I particularly liked the environment texturing, almost like a painting.

Thanks Atemporalskill. Yeah it was just how you say. I made the decision to go super low poly so I could put my main focus on animating. It only took about 2-4 seconds
to render each frame. I don’t think it was a problem for many people back when PS1 game characters were all blocks. We still fill in the blanks with our mind and are still capable of getting into the story. In the future I’d really like to make things look prettier, but this had a specific purpose and succeeded in that.

Thanks again and thank you everybody else for your love towards the ninjas.

epic, the end

Captivating! 2 thumbs up!

Сool animation. Come again.

Win! :ba:

For some reason I reckon the bunny breakdancing during the credits would be nice. But it’s a very good skill to know when to call it a day on a project.

Visually the whole thing is very cool. Reminds me of N64 games in a good way. Low poly but still very eye catching. Well done!

not a fan of ninjas, but this was ROCKING! i agree with Ben though, the bunny totally shoulda been dancin…

Hehe. The bunny breakdancing is a good idea. I wanted to do someting like
that but time would not allow it. The next best thing was looped spinning characters.
Next time though. :wink:

ok. I have blender 2.5x but never animated anything in any version of blender…i’ve modeled a bunch of stuff…but not really textured anything… so its time to get into this rigging/animation thing…
where is this .blend you speak of?

If you go here: Download issue #23. There are also .blend files for each issue. #23: Epic Fantasy includes an example animation file that I made. I made it in Blender 2.49b, but I think it should also work in 2.5x (although I have not tested it)…I have picked up projects in 2.53 that were started in 2.49 and I have not had issues with rigs not work. So it should work.

That was really nice. I liked the simplicity and the very fluid animation that it allows. Too many people get caught up in trying to make things look overly real and the movement almost always suffers, even in blockbuster films. I wish more people took your approach.

You mentioned trying to figure out how to portray your videos the way you previsualize them. Do you build a storyboard before you start animating? That helps quite a lot when it comes to setting pace, and knowing what’s going on in general.