Shanty Town

OK, so I’ve been working on this on and off for a while now, it’s a bit of a nightmare for my current computer to handle, both a heavy mesh and high res textures.

I suppose I wanted to see what you guys thought, if you like it I might be more motivated to return to it. The ideas I have for the scene are way out of scope for this PC but hopefully I’ll get something better soon.

pretty solid so far, what is your idea in the end?

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I’m just kinda going with the flow at the moment. But the basic idea is for a shanty town that looks “lived in”, so to speak. I’m trying to improve my texturing and combine them with PBR dirt and rust shaders.

At the moment the dirt is a little random perhaps, rather than congealing around specific/logical areas.

I have a better computer now so I can come back to this project without it frustrating me. There’s a lot of stuff that will require work.

Any tips on making realistic dirty/foam for the edges of the water, and around partially submerged objects would be welcomed. Something a bit like this perhaps.


Foam can be generated with the ocean modifier, but I don’t think you’ll have much control over it. You’ll probably want to use noise facs to mix the water shader with a diffuse/translucent foam shader for the general foam.

And for the raised foam, displacement. Since performance is a concern you may want to use a separate plane to avoid having to further subdivide the water because things may get slow.

Here is a quick node setup to get you started:

It’s a cube, a water plane, and a foam plane below it. For this work the foam plane needs an adaptive subsurf modifier and displacement set to “Displacement Only”.

In this example I used the cube origin to control the alpha because I’m lazy. The foundation of the alpha is a simple circular mask, so it won’t play well with objects of certain shapes nor will help with the water edge. You’ll want to handpaint a black-and-white mask to control it instead.

I also advise to replace the diffuse shader with a Principled one with transmission/SSS or a translucency mix to make it look really good. Also note part of the foam sits underwater and part doesn’t because it’s a flat plane. You’ll have to experiment and decide whether you’ll want to replicate part of water deformation, or use it directly in the water plane, etc so this doesn’t happen.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hey great brib thanks, sounds tricky but hopefully I’ll get some time to try this later today. :slight_smile: