shanzou's sketchbook

starting my sketchbook, thats all:)

renderings for study 01

rendering for study 02

rendering for study 03

rendering for fun…copper

ni hao ma .

我太棒了。我觉得猫很好吃, 你呢

If you can read this ^ disregard whatever it says. A friend of mine wrote it… she said it had somthing to do with me eating cats, so if thats the case im sry XD lol

so you’re not chinese?

neither am I…just know the chinese way of greeting…

So I can’t really read what you pasted…I have heard that each one of those things (what looks like an alphabet) often represents a word. So entire words are written using these weird combination of lines…that would make chinese the most “compact” or compressed language in the world perhaps…considering how much info you can put on one standard page in chinese compared to other languages…

@ OP : nice sketches btw…

yeah. i got kicked out of my manditory highschool chinese class XD… but i handed my friend my phone and she turned on chinese characters and typed that. i have no clue what it says beyond what she has told me… and it was something about me eating cats. lol.

and i agree, nice sketches. good work.

neither i am:D i created this nickname a long ago and discoweret that this (not imaginated!?:O) word means something…i know town is called shanzou but no more… please ask your gf what it means:D

im ‘alost’ sure thats not about cats…

too dark…re-render

shes not actually my girlfriend… but we are close. ill ask her. im prety sure she will know. she is in love with the entire Chinese culture.

And again, good work bro.

it means “im grreat. I think cat tastes great! how about you?” LOL… just looked it up

you mocking me:P but i still think cats can taste great.thats a fact


next post will be (regardless my eng skills) book-worth abouth sketching shape… (abstract or realistic) it will be a short clear and exact lesson.


well i like your work so far. its simple but detailed. you put a lot of detail into your shaders. it looks good.

the link u posted is japanese (.jp ?)

chinese city that came to my mind and I thought that’s how ur chinese…

yeah. i noticed the site also. i also asked my friend about the name and she didnt know. guess it was because it was a place.