Shaolin Training - Available on the App Store

Hi there!
My name is Fernando Ribeiro, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
My iPhone game Shaolin Training is now on sale at App Store!
But, what does it has to do with Blender??? Everything! :wink:

All the entire 3d game assets were made using Blender. From a simple Cannon to a complex character, everything was modeled, rigged, animated and even sculpted in blender.

Here you can take a look in some of the making of screens of the game.

Hope you like it and get involved in game development after looking at those images!

All the entire game, including visual and programming, was done by me in the last 3 months, in my free time after work.

Have fun! Blender rocks!
Fernando Ribeiro.



I watched the gameplay video on your site. It’s pretty neat. I’m a little interested in making Iphone games too. How hard is it to export iphone games from unity?

In fact, it’s extremly easy! It’s just like pressing an Build button and adjusting 2 or 3 lines of data.

If you would like to keep an eye on unity, take a look at this forum:
It’s called iPhone OS4 today and it’s all about the iphone OS v4.0 rumors.

Have fun!
Fernando R.

Here you can watch a trailer of the Game:

Hope you like it!

congrats! good luck on more blender iphone projects! who knows, maybe oneday a studio like gameloft will pick up blender and use it.

Thank you a lot! Man, blender rocks!
2 years ago, before starting with blender, I wouldn’t dream with all of this!

Shaolin Training for Free June 22 and June 23! =)

i just tried it.

great game! the controls are pretty easy.


Thank you = ))
Here are the good news:

As you can see, in one day for free Shaolin Training is above Resident Evil 4, Star Wars and Gangstar.

Hope this help the selling! =)