Shape action actuator problem in game menu


How do we can make animated menu like in Yo Frankie and many other games in blender 2.57b?

I mean, when the mouse over a menu, the menu text animated.
And when the mouse over another menu, the previous menu text animation stopped.

It’s using shape action actuator isn’t it? I’ve tried many times with no success.
I’ve tried F-curve actuator too and got some worst results.

Is there anyone can help, please?
The idea looks so simple, but the work is not as simple as i thought, at least for now.
I can’t find any tutorials too about this problem.

Use a “Flipper” for the shape action actuator, it plays the animtion forward and backward.
Or “Loop End”, that plays the animation to end.

Ah, yes… a Flipper. I haven’t tried that one yet. Thank you, HG1. I’ll give it a try once I got a chance today. Thank you.

I’ve tried Flipper. But the result is not far better than before (with Loop End).

My goal is just like this:

When the game starts, a menu scene appear with “normal size” menu texts.
And when the mouse over and stop on to a menu text , the menu text size increased a little. And as long as the cursor is stay over that menu, the menu text stay a litlle bigger than normal.
Finally, when the mouse cursor moved from that menu text, the menu text size back to normal.

How can I do that? So many games (made with blender or not) use similar effect, but mostly their menu text change color, or become shining.
Is there anyone can help, please?
With so many games already made with blender, there must be a lot of people knows how do that, right?

Then you have done something wrong.
I made one simple example for you (FlipperIpoShape).
The second is from here I only changed the scripts to run it on Blender 2.49 and Blender 2.5x.
For the color I must know in wich grafic mode (Multitexture, GLSL, with or without texture, with or without material) do you want to run your game.


FlipperIpoShape.blend (172 KB)CustomDisplay.blend (1.23 MB)

Whow, I was just expecting some plain explanation. But you gave me more than that. Those files you’re attached are exactly what I need. I can learn the details I wanted to know from those files. Thank you very much, HG1. It’s been a BIG help!
I was using health bar tutorials as my reference, before. And I was unable to modify those tutorials because they’re using game properties.
Now you’ve make it looks simple.
I’m sure your attached files can help many other beginner at blender game creators too.
Thank you.