Shape Animation & Curves


Is it possible to animate curves with shape animation?
I cant find shape sliders for them :confused:
If I isert key for “Curve” I can get Shape1, Shape2… in IPO window but there is no obvious way how to connect them…

Any help?

Quite simply, this is not implemented yet. IIRC, this is because internally, curves haven’t been updated to allow those tools to work correctly in some cases.


Yes, you can animate curves using Shape keys. (Though they don’t currently have a ‘Shapes’ panel as is the case for Mesh objects to simplify adding;selecting and modifying key values).

In the IPO Window (with the IPO selector set to ‘Shape’ - sounds like you’ve already done that); LMB select the IPO Key channel and then Ctrl + LMB click on the graph region on the right side of the IPO Window to add an IPO curve point, repeat to add additional points. Then edit them the usual way or press [n] to bring up the transform properties panel to enter exact values.

Thank you Gimble, it works!
I was stupid enough to expect to animate shapes by conecting them on one IPO curve. (beginers mistake)
Each shape must have its own IPO curve with keyframes which are defining percentage of that shape.

Actually, you can use a single ipo curve if you are using Absolute Shape Keys. (Depending on what you’re trying to do).

More info here:

You just need to de-activate the ‘Relative Keys’ button in the Editing Buttons Window > Curve and Surface panel.

Maximum recpect!!!

another way to animate curves, is to add a hook to one or more control points, and then animate the movement of the hook.

That’s what I’m looking for, how is that done in blender 2.5?