shape conversion....??

hey everyone… im modeling a drum kit however… this center piece thats selected i need it to be a square… i could just add a square subdived and make faces… but i wanted to know if there is a way to do it…///

cheers. any help would be a ppreciated…

Select the verts that should be the top then Z-scale them to 0 then select the verts that should be the bottom Z-scale them to 0.
Select the left verts X-Scale top 0 and do the same for the right ones.

Hope this helps.

First divide the circle into 4 groups (just in your head, do not make actual groups) top bottom and both sides, select the ones you chose for top and scale the to 0 along the z-axis (s -> z -> 0) then do the same for the ones you selected for the bottom. Then selec the ones for one side and scale them to 0 along the x-axis and repeat for other side.

ha… thanks… i new it would be a simple solution. i cant believe i didn’t even think of that…