Shape dynamic of brush in sculpting mode

Hi! Tell me please is there the way to make strokes change shape depending of pen pressure (tablet) as in Photoshop? For now I have strokes with the same round shapes of the end of the lines:

I need to have strokes with smooth end of the lines


@Piton812 Iā€™m not currently at my laptop with my wacom but I do believe if you click to enable pressure sensitivity of the radius of the brush as well you should be able to get that thin to thick to thin look by increasing pressure halfway through the stroke and lightening up at the end of the stroke. Just click the little icon to the right of the radius size.

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Enable those hand pointing icons in the panel. Those enable pressure control per feature. If enabling those does not help, you might have an issue with your tablet drivers.

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Thanx! yes pressing the hand icon near the radius performance is the solution