Shape Engine Actuator Missing

I have Blender v 2.76 and want to use the “Shape Action” (as opposed to the “Action”) actuator in BGE. But for some reason, “Shape Action” is missing from the drop-down list of actuators. Was it deprecated in this or a previous version of Blender, or do I need to do something to make it appear?

I was confused by this too, it’s still represented in the python API, but it’s not in the game engine anymore.

But if you make an animation with shapekeys you can play it from the normal action actuator.

Shape key animations are played via action actuator quite a while (since 2.62 I think).

The action actuator plays :

  • armature actions
  • shape key actions
  • object actions
  • material actions

(I guess there is more)

In the action actuator after you make the shapekey.From the animation menue drop down.
The action is named keyaction with a number.If you have other animations.If not it is just named