Shape key and moved object


I have an object that have children.
Is it possible to make a shape key where I move the object (edit mode) that moves also the children objects?
I tried but it seems that the shape key acts on the parent but not the children?


When you move the object in edit mode, you’re not moving the object - just its vertices. Even if you move all the vertices at once, the “object” stays where it is. To move the children with the parent, you need to move it in object mode.

Are you just using the shape keys to move the object or are you deforming it at the same time? If you’re just moving it around, move the parent in object mode and keyframe location. If you need to deform it as well, you can link changes in the object’s x, y and z location to shape keys using drivers.

Thanks for the reply.
I have objects that need only translation/displacements.
I have also objects that need a deformation + a displacement.
What is the drivers? ojbects like Empty?

EDIT: Found this