Shape key animation

I am trying to use shapekeys for animation(no a fan of bones i dream i am a jellyfish every night sweet sweet dreams).
Anyway i am just trying to flip a car over so i go into edit rotate the car using the transformormation manipulator and then play it back and it ends of where i wish but zooms for out then in during the process anyway to stop it doing so.

And why does it do the zoom anyway i rotated it on the spot why is it zooming away and back during a simple turn?

So no solution to this problem or is the way i explained it not clear enough?.

You have to remember that a shapekey doesn’t store an animation, it just stores vertex offsets from their basis point. As you dial up the value the vertices travel in a straight line toward their goal. You can’t rotate a model with a shapekey. It will just squish from one shape to the next.

No need to use shape keys or bones to flip a car as long as it just moves as a single object – keyframe your flip in Object mode, rotating the car on whatever axes you want to use for the flip. You can, of course, also add Location transforms and keyframe those on the Object as well. Now, if the car smashes itself flat when it lands after the flip, then shape keys could be used, but so can scaling the object if it’s a simple flattening of the entire object. Shape keys are best used when the shape of the object changes (its vertices are relocated), hence their name.

Or, as an alternative to Chip’s excellent suggestion, if you have several objects that rotate/move without distorting, create an armature with a bone for each object located at the origin/centre of rotation of each object to be animated - do a “Bone” parent (select object - SHIFT select bone - CTRL+P => “Bone”) from each object to its respective bone, then just animate the bones. That way all the actions are in one object, the armature, and it is easy to animate and pose.

Cheers, Clock.

Well thx for the response i don’t much care for bones but seems that shape keys are just not suited to what i want to do so have to try work with bones i guess:(

No, you don’t! Just animate the Objects themselves as I said. Neither bones nor shape keys are needed. Clock’s suggestion is NOT a necessity, just another way to do it, and I think he’s in love with armatures ;).

Mmmmmmmm - armatures… sigh - drool.

Cheers, Clock.