Shape Key Animations with Flat Shading


I’m trying to animate an object using shape keys. Whenever I run the game engine the shading mode seems to go to smooth rather than flat.

Ive selected all faces and Shading-Flat in Edit Mode.
Made sure Auto Smooth is off in the object data property tab.
Searching the forum there were some references to EdgeSplit modifier but this isn’t possible on an object with shape keys.

Am running 2.65a on a Mac with an ATI 6750m 1gb card. The same object without any shape keys works as expected- I’ve put it all in the attached blend. Z and X to run the shape key animations.

Any ideas? Possibly a bug? Or me being stupid?

ShapeKeyFlatShadingExample.blend (522 KB)

You can have an Edge-Split modifier. Just don’t apply it

Wow, Brilliant! Thanks for the superquick reply Richard!