Shape Key Driver Eyelid advice?

Hello everybody.
I’m working on setting up a facial rig on a character i made by following the CGCookie pilot tutorial and the face rig i’m using David ward’s advanced face rig tutorial.

However their models have alot of differences, and unlike David’s model, for me to create a full blink, i had to create 2 shapekeys for each eye to allow the mesh to curve around the eye instead of cut through it.

I tried giving the exact same driver to both shapekeys on the eye, which would be to have the eyelid’s driver move down about a -3 influence along the local Y axis.
It seemed to work pretty well when i applied it to both shapekeys for a blink on the eye.

However it seems that doing the same on the other eye (which has a mirrored version of the shapekeys on the other eye so it should be exactly the same) also works but if i pull down the eyelids at the same time, the eyes will finish the blink at the same time but they move to their 2nd shapekey at different times.

this all sounds like i’m not making much sense.

The shapekeys are the same each with a 0-50% blink and a 50%-100% blink, the drivers are the same…

But when the drivers are moved at the same time, the eye’s dont switch to the 50%-100% blink at the same time which would make every blink seem almost drunken because the eyes are almost closing and opening one at a time.

So because this was just testing on my on part, is there a better way to do this? Or just any particular advice on eyelids that need 2 shapekeys to blink?

I used the same technique in this video tutorial:

2 shapekeys on each eyelid, 1st one turns on, then the 2nd one when the eye fully closed is fully on. There simply has to be something different somewhere. Check that all 4 driver curves are exactly the same. There is also a ‘debug’ option in the UI for drivers that displays the output value of the driver, this might help to see what is going on.

If you’ll post up the .blend file, I’ll take a look at it, that’s the only way I can really help, other than the advice I just gave…