Shape Key Drivers not working in Game Engine

So in this example blend I’ve got two cubes and an bone. The smaller cube is parented to the bone. The bone is also a shape driver for the larger cube. When I press alt+A the bone moves and the larger cube deforms. But when I play the game engine and run the animation (spacebar) the action plays, but the larger cube does not deform.

Are shape key drivers simply not working in the Game Engine right now or have I made a mistake in my setup?

I’ve tried this on r33780M (some new build) and r32738 (the official 2.5 Beta release).

Thanks for looking


shape key test.blend (473 KB)

Don’t know about 2.5…
In 2.49 it’s pretty difficult to get them to work.

Here’s one in 2.49. Maybe won’t work in 2.5
In 2.49 you have to create an IPO then click on the little “action” (guy in quicksand) button next to the “eye” (mute shape key) button. This will activate the IPO as an action called “ShapeAction” in the action editor. Add a shape action actuator to your object and in the AC: box type ShapeAction.


cyber_dna.blend (169 KB)

Actually in 2.49 it’s possible to have bone driven shape key animations. I used this for characters faces and some corrective shape keys. In 2.5 it appears the Game Engine doesn’t recognize this kind of relationship between bones and mesh. I’d prefer to have bone driven shapes as opposed to using the shape actuator.

Has anyone created a character or object for the Blender 2.5 game engine using driven shapes? I can’t imagine this is an isolated problem.

Has anybody else had this problem, or am I simply imagining things?

I have the same problem. Every part of my armature of the character works except the drivers. The bones are still moving but the drivers arn’t working in the game engine.

I do not think that the drivers are supposed to work in the BGE (at least not in 2.49). For shape keys you need to use the shape action actuator.