Shape Key Import Add-on - Added Blender 2.8 and SVG transform Support

Support for SVG transform attribute is finally included in the shape key import add-on :slight_smile:
You can now scale, rotate, translate and skew the grouped objects in the source SVG; the transformations will be applied to the imported paths and shape keys.

Also, Blender 2.8 compliant version of the add-on is uploaded to the repository.

Have fun! And do let me know if you come across any issues.

Download path:
2.8 beta Add-on File:
2.79b Add-on File:
Enhancements Overview:



This Add-on gives us new horizons for motion graphics.

Thank you.

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Glad that the tool was of use :slight_smile:
If you have any suggestions, do share them.

Awesome idea man, keep up the good work,

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I donโ€™t understand why SVG is not native to Blender, for sure it is the only format that never warps and is recognized by most free and commercial programs. Itโ€™s probably misinformation about the true potential it offers, but I find it unforgivable that the open source community leaves it out when commercial programs use it and even recommend it for its notorious compatibility.

Congratulations for the great move.

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Being a diehard SVG fan, I agree with you one hundred percent. I also think itโ€™s a pity that SVG specifications have not moved forward since their inception two decades back. The minimum one should have expected is: having well evolved SVG standards for 3d by now. It is such a simple, intuitive and yet beautiful thing.
Thankfully, Blender has got quite powerful APIs to work with Bezier curves and 3d transformations in general!