Shape key issue

Hi guys, Im hoping someone can tell me what Ive missed. I set up a shape key to make my character blink but the slider doesnt do anything - if i choose, “basis” (eyes open) and then select “blink” (eyes closed) then the eyes close, but if i move the slider to zero then the eyes open but dont close again when i move the slider back. Have i done something wrong or am i missing something about shape keys?

Hmmm… I’m not sure I’m clear on what problem you are experiencing.

You say when you increase the slider of the blink shape to 1 it blinks, but then when you move the slider to 0 and then back to 1 again it doesn’t blink? That sounds odd…

If you can post the blend I’ll take a look.

Ahh Feelgoodcomics, we meet again :eyebrowlift2:

The issue is that when I originally select the “blink” shapekey the eyes close - but while “blink” is selected, if i move the slider the eyes open again and wont close. as i said, i may be misunderstanding the nature of shape keys.

heres the blend though, thanks for having a look :slight_smile:


Girl ReRig Blink shapekey.blend (882 KB)

Ahhh I see what happened…

You see the little rollout menu next to "VGroup: "? That rollout is not the vertex group, which I’m guessing you thought it was. If you mouse over it tells you “Shape used as relative key”, in other words “which shape is the base shape for this deformation?”.

So when you use blink in that field on the blink shape, the result is the blink is deformed relative from itself… so not at all. :slight_smile:

Just change it back to basis and you’ll be fine. If you’re using a vertex group to specify which part of the mesh to effect, then enter the name of it in the VGroup field. :wink:

double post sorry. the server froze on me for a minute there…

As usual you come up with the goods FGC, thanks again!