Shape Key problem


I am having some trouble with shape keys, for example when I am using the shape key to animate a blink and set frame 1 to open, frame 10 to closed and frame 20 to open again the animation will simply stay open until frame 9 then suddenly jump to closed then at frame 19 jump to open again. Did I accidentally enable something I shouldn’t have? Heres a screenshot of my shape key tab

Without being able to see your timeline, you probably added key frames at the wrong time(s). Try scrubbing the timeline to each key frame and see the value of each frame in your shape keys window. Remove or add frames as needed.

Remove all key frames and start over it its easier that way.

If you need more help you may want to post a copy of your .blend file. It may make it easier for people to troubleshoot your problem.

Unfortunately I cannot give the .blend however its definitely not caused by another shape key. I literally have to add a shape key to every single frame to avoid it suddenly snapping to it being 1.00 for example.

It could be your interpolation set to constant. If it is select the keyframes, hit T and Bezier or linear.

Definitely, definitely, look at the Graph Editor. Look at the actual F-Curves (IPOs) that are actually controlling the animation.

Personally, what I do, as a general workflow principle, is to use the NLA Editor. I define each expression as an “action,” and convert that to an NLA strip, and then use the “ease-in / ease-out” controls (and overlapping strips) to achieve the blending that I want between the various actions. It’s not quite as easy to learn as I think maybe it ought to be, but once you get the hang of it it’s really quite expressive. And, perhaps most-importantly, you can easily “tweak” it.

Yes I have been meaning to learn how to use it as it does look like a very useful tool, Ive just been so busy trying to get this film finished. Looking at it I have no idea where anything is xD I will give it a shot on my next animation though

Okay hit T on the keyframe on the timeline or over the shape key? It only opens and closes the tools tab?

Okay so now its happening to the rig too, I set it at keyframe x to raise arm and at keyframe x+10 to lower it and it will stay raised until x+9 then suddenly jump to lowered at x+10. Any help is much appreciated!