Shape Key Question

Hello dudes!

I’m wondering how to transfer an object vertices as a shapekey to another object.

I have 2 different objects same vertices and everything.

One of them are shaped differently such as lets say… Female Legs from Male Legs

Object 1 Has the shape of male legs

Object 2 Has the shape of female legs

I want to transfer object 2’s vertices position to Object 1’s vertices position as a Shapekey

I tried the transfer shape key method but it seems like it doesn’t want to work.

I guess it is because Object 2 doesn’t have a shapekey onto it. It has a Basis Shapekey but that’s it. So i guess want i’m asking is how do i transfer the basis of Object’s 2 shapekey to Object 1 as a new shapekey? I tried it ofcourse but it acts as if nothing happens. :confused:

Any help would be cool!

I wonder which ‘shape key method’ did you use, the method that should work is:
• put both objects to the same location
• select the object you want to transfer shape from (source) and the object to transfer to (target) in this order
• from the pull-down menu on the shape key panel choose ‘Join as Shapes’

that’s it