Shape key smooth transition

I wanted to animate eyes blink, and I used shape key for that. I create Basis shape key, and than Blink shape key. I move points in Blink to the appropriate position. And everything is fine if I only want to use 0 or 1 value on that shape key. But there is a issue that i don’t know how to solve. During the 0 to 1 value interpolation points move strictly linear from start point to end point (side A on the picture). But I want that they move by the curve (side B on the picture).
How can I achieve that?

Blender file:
shapekey_demo.blend (677 KB)


Well that’s just how things work with ShapeKeys. By linear path that is, you should expect this since all that ShapeKeys do is transfer your vertices from one point to another one via linear pat. The way that you do this to fix it is by using shrink-wrap.

I think I’ve fixed it, but who knows… try it out yourself and tell me what you think. .blend

MediumSolid, Thanks for advise. There is an issue with you approach, everything looks not so good when shape of eyelid is solid.

Yeah, I know. This is because you’ve either added solidify modifier before shrinkwrap modifier or you have just simply extruded mesh directly in edit mode which is really bad. I’ve fixed a couple of more issues and added the solidify modifier properly now. Try downloading again from the “same” source.

MediumSolid, Thanks! Now it works great!