Shape key to control shader node

I’d like to know if it’s possible to control/change the color flag positions of a ColorRamp shader node with a shape key. Can’t find a tutorial on it.


“shape keys” in blender are modifications of the mesh that you can find in Object Data properties
I’m sure you meant something else, most probably Keyframes.

You can’t edit the ColorRamp node with Keyframes but there is really no need for that since you can animate influence of MixRGB or RGB input like in the examples below


Obviously for more control you would need more complicated node setup but everything is possible.

Very helpful.
Can the Fac in the Mix node be animated? Say in normal state the Fac is set to 0 and in the Shape Key it changes to 1. If so, I could duplicate the ColorRamp and attach both to the Mix node.


Yes you can animate the factor of a mix node. Actually, you can animate the stop position and or color inside a color ramp in blender as well. Just right click the pos input and click insert keyframe:

animated stop

animated stop in color ramp.blend (425.5 KB)

It looks like nearly every value inside blender can be animated. Just right click on an input and see if you can add a keyframe if you are curious. It should also be possible to drive both the value for a shapekey and a stop position inside a color ramp at the same time with a driver.

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