Shape Key TransferrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRR

Okay,… so I have an unsymmetrical model, that it’s way too late in the game to symmetrize. I am trying to give her a smile with shape keys,… so I started by sculpting half of her face to perfection. I want to I have another shapekey for the other side of her face. Mirror ShapeKey no work, and Topo Mirror ShapeKeys works, after transferring the shapekeys of a mirrored duplicate mesh, but it turns my mesh into a psychotic winged abomination.

Without having to symmetrize, how can I make a shape key for the right side of my girl’s face from a shapekey I made of her left side?

I’d prioritize fixing that darn stuck ‘R’ key.

I was so excited to see that someone had already responded… :upside_down_face:

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If result from Mirror Shape Key ( Topo ) + restriction of shapekey to a vertex group is not satisfying, there is no magical solution.
You have to restore asymmetry for shapekey.
You can try to see if shapekey less far from basis at a value lower than one can be acceptable.

If it is the case, you can use this value as new max for shapekey.
Or in edit mode, you can use Vertices > Blend from Shape to redefine this value as new 1.

But you are probably forced to edit shapekey in Edit mode or Sculpt mode.

Okay,… so, to be clear, I can’t make a perfectly identical shapekey on the right side of my models’ face without doing everything twice, using all of the same values?

She is mostly symmetrical, it’s just her arm sits half an inch lower than it would if she were symmetrical. But apparently that’s enough to destroy any hopes of Topo Mirroring a shapekey. Her face is symmetrical. That’s all I want to change.

When I say, it’s too late for me to symmetrize, it’s really not an option. I already have a multiple outfits that fit her perfectly, I have a uvmap for a texture that has freckles (I really don’t want those to be symmetrical), i have shapekeys that perfectly age her over a decade, I have multiple hairstyles, I have multiple armatures, don’t ask why, PERFECT weight paint, and I have a few poses (not many, but more than I’m willing to redo). Now that I’m finally ready to give her facial expressions,… I’m denied.

I understand it was a bad idea to take on such a big project as a noob and not symmetrizing in the beginning seriously crippled me, but there HAS to be a way to make this easier.

I figured it out!!! :laughing:
I figured it out!! :sob:

• I make a shape key
• I duplicate and mirror the duplicate. (Resulting in an abomination.
• I select everything except what I want to be reshaped

I Blend From Shape
I unselect Add

It’s a bit tedious, but not as tedious as starting over.