Shape key vert select highlight option?

Hi guys
So was wondering is there a way to see what verts are been effected by a shape key. As in if you put verts in a vertex group when that group is selected the effected verts are highlighted anything similar for shape keys or not? .

There is a quite old add-on by NRK, “Shape Key Tools”, it has two commands: “Select Verts diff from Basis pos” and “Move Verts to Basis pos”.
With the former command you can select the vertices affected by the selected shape key, a little slow but useful.

You can download from here: Shape Key Tools


Hi sour thx for the link not sure what to do with it though.I copied and pasted into blender text box then ran script but nothing happens is this the wrong approach.?

Hi tawdry,
it think you have to save the raw text with the “.py” suffix, then install it as add-on from the preference panel.
After you will find it in the Tools shelf when in Edit mode; both commands work on the selected shape key.


the saving as py and addon did indeed work thx thats a good tip for the future if i need to install other add ons in this format ty.
Unfortunately when i try use it throws the following error.

Maybe its not compatible with later blender releases?

Weird, it always worked to me, and it still works on 2.78 testbuild2, just tested.
I have no idea, you could post the error on the original thread, who can say…
Anyway here is my copy of the file, so for a check:

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Running on 2.77 your file gives same error going to download latest version and try again. Thx for all the help im amy case guess i will have to do this by guess and error:D