Shape keys and actions for export to Unity

I made a little turret thing for my son to use in Unity . I rigged it up, added two actions and worked out a shape key movement which tied in with one of the actions.

I’m having problems understanding how best to proceed with actions and shape keys. When I hit alt-a I get the action, and it’s great, but I get the shape key movement regardless of which action I have selected.

And today I seem unable to toggle between seeing the two actions in the viewport with alt-a.

So how can we ensure that Unity can tell that a particular action contains the shape key movement?
How can I get the viewport to shift from showing one action to another with alt-a?

Thanks for reading,

scratches head … well don’t worry about the switching actions part, I am now happily switching using the selector in the action editor. It wasn’t before, now it is.