Shape-keys and Rest pose

My question might be quite complicated, so for clarity I will describe it the best that I can. I use a model in a Blender; it’s rigged and posed(!) - I also want to send it to Zbrush in current pose, do sculpting and then return the model to Blender, make a duplicate and transfer changes as shape key so that I can apply it onto the original model

At the moment, after this interaction, my model turns inside out, apparently because after exporting from Zbrush, the shape-key with the update is applied not to the current position that I chose, but to the Rest pose (to the position that the model returns to when we press alt+r/g)

My question: is Blender able to apply the shape key to the current pose and not to the Rest pose, like make updates lay down on top of everything and not beneath,change priority,or maybe some scripts on,super important thing to me,need really nerd look here >.<

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I’m not sure but you might try to use the mesh transfer modifier to transfer a copy of the changed mesh to a new shapekey onto the original mesh…

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Thanks,i’m gonna try to figure out what is this,tested it now and i have no idea how to apply it lol,didn’t found anything sane in the internet.
I’ve noticed that if i’m simply dulpicating armature modifier of a posed(!) model i’m getting same twist on mesh,so my problem lays down that armature pose calculating twice(200% of effect instead of 100%) if i find a solution how to maintain this x2 stack of armatures i’m gonna find solution >.<

Actually i now discovered that the mesh data modifier can transfer a lot of data… except… it seems to not transfer any displacement… ??? :sweat_smile: