shape keys being reset while playing non-shapekey actions

when you open this blend file, press p to start the game engine
the number keys 1, 2 and 3 have been mapped to keyboard sensors which will each trigger a different actuator… 1 and 3 simply play differnent frame ranges from a move animation, 2 is a shape key animation

how do make it so that the shape key animation is applied while the movement animations are playing?
for instance, adding this logic

always sensor --> and --> shape key animation , start at frame 0 , end at frame 0

will make the triangle start off in the open position, but once you press 1 or 3 , it snaps to the closed position (which is its basis shape key)

I would like to make it so that when you press 1 in the beginning, the triangle moves downwards while remaining in the open position

i have solved it by specifying different layers in the action actuators


actionactuators.blend (538 KB)

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but, try to set the start frame of 2’s atuator at 240.

ok thanks, i realized that i had left the default animation frame rate of 24fps and i wasnt waiting for long enough for the movement of the shape keys to start…i am editing my first post now

as for what i am looking for, is for the following to happen … the triangle starts off open, you press 1 and it moves down the first step while remaining open (which it doesnt do), you press 2 and it closes, and then you press 3 and it moves down the second step while remaining closed (as it does now)

to be clear, my problem seems to be that objects with shape keys are reset back to their basis shape when a non shapekey action is being played