Shape keys difficulties

Hi all, I am writing because I have a problem animating with absolute shape keys. I cannot “define” an ipo curve for the Basis key as it is said in the wiki manual… I know how to create the shape keys, but I am not able to create that control ipo. Here is the quote from the manual:

In the control way, you define an Ipo curve which is a sort of Time (or Speed) curve for the mesh. This curve is linked to the “Basis” channel (or key) – you can define a curve for any key…
Can anyone help me with this?

I think thier talking about all other shape keys are “Based” on the basis key. You dont have to move the basis key anyway. Just the keys it is based on. Thats why you have to have a Basis key first. If you did or were able to move the basis key it would mess up all your other keys. Im not sure if thats what you meant.

If you are using absolute shape keys you have to add the IPO curve. In the IPO editor, select the Shape IPO type, you then add the curve by shift left-mouse click, you add addition keyframes using shift left-mouse click.