Shape keys drivers not working properly in Local space

Hi !
I hope my english is okay :).

In Blender, I’m trying to use some shape key drivers on a Coyote 3D model (some sort of wolf), but it isn’t working properly, even after following tutorials and looking for a solution on the internet.
For example, I put a bone around the left ear, and I assign the shape key that make this ear bend, but then, when I edit the properties in the graph editor --> drivers --> variable, type : transform channel, Local space, the only types that are working properly are the X types (Location, Rotation and Scale), any other types are not working. I noticed that it was working fine in World space, but I really would like to use the Local space.
I tried an other driver with the mouth, but I get other problems, like the shape key being applied in Y type while I’m in Z type.

The blend file is in attachments.
I must be doing something wrong but I don’t know what, thank you for helping me :slight_smile: !

Update :
I just noticed that the Z Rotation and the Z Location types are behaving like the Y Rotation and the Z Location types, so I can now use the drivers but this is weird xD.

Update 2 :
For an other bone, the X types are behaving like the Z types.
I don’t know what’s happening.


Coyote 13.blend (2.18 MB)